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We are very excited to be launching ROOT.

ROOT is a project that will develop 7 new plays based on themes of Heritage and/or Working Class Identity. 

Each play will be read and explored by professional actors, with support from a director and dramaturg. 

Scroll down for more details and FAQs.



Please send:
- 1-2 minute video of a monologue (something you feel you do well and shows you off to your best ability). Our preferred format is a link to a private YouTube or Vimeo video - please make sure we have any necessary passwords.

- Monitoring Form

- Application Form


to by 10am on 8th Feb.


Please send:
- Your script that focuses on themes of Heritage and/or Working Class Identity. This might be a full length play script or part of a script you wish to develop into a full length play.

- Monitoring Form

- Application Form

Please also outline which 10 pages of your script you would initially like us to read. This will be what we read during our first round of decision making so this should be 10 pages you feel depict your style and ideas well. This can be the first 10 pages.

to by 10am on 8th Feb.

If you require this information or the application forms in a different format, please contact


What is ROOT?

ROOT a project that will run from January - May 2021 and see us research and develop 7 new plays focussing on themes of Heritage and/or Working Class Identity.

ROOT is broken down into 2 strands.


The first strand:
5 plays will be workshopped on ZOOM. This will involve a 3 hour ZOOM per play. Each workshop will allow the writer to hear their play read out loud by professional actors, and allow time for writers to get feedback, explore sections of their script, and gain insight from other creatives including dramaturgical support.

The second strand:

2 plays, including A Very Odd Birthday Party by Hannah Donelon, will be workshopped over 5 days in Spring. We aim to do this in person (but will move online if necessary!). These 5 days will allow the writer to work with a director, dramaturg, and professional actors to research and develop their script. This will include a sharing with invited community members who can help shape the writing and offer authentic perspectives on specific events or themes in the script. This will be finalised in a public online sharing with invited industry professionals.


Who is ROOT for?

ROOT is open to writers and actors in England. 

Writers - we welcome writers who are developing a theatre script that focuses on Heritage and/or Working Class Identity. This might be your first script, or you might be an award winning playwright. We are particularly excited by writers based in or from the North West of England. All writers must be aged 18 and above.

Actors - we welcome professional actors aged 18 and above. This is an opportunity to explore and develop new work while connecting with writers, so we encourage applications from actors who are particularly excited by workshopping new texts. The plays will be exploring Heritage and/or Working Class Identity - if you feel either of these are particularly relevant to you, we encourage you to apply. As the plays we are casting for have not yet been decided, we would love to hear all about you as an artist and your skills and experiences - you can do this on the Application Form. We are particularly excited to hear from actors based in or from the North West of England.

We have specific funding set aside to support those with additional access provisions. If you are thinking of applying but are worried about access, please get in touch. You can find more information about our commitment to access below.


When will ROOT take place?

The first strand will take place between 8th March and 16th April 2021. This will involve 5 plays having a 3 hour Zoom workshop each.

The second strand will take place in April and May 2021. This will involve 2 plays being workshopped over a 5 day period each. 

The specific dates and times of these sessions are not yet decided and, where possible, will be based around writer and actor availability. In the second strand, they will also be based on rehearsal venue availability. We are committed to creating a working environment that is flexible and accessible. We understand that lots of artists have additional responsibilities, such as alternative means of income, or care duties. This is why we have left a level of flexibility in our planning. 

Tell us about your commitment to accessibility.


We are committed to creating work that is accessible, diverse, and really fantastic. Throughout ROOT, we will set aside funding to support artists with additional access provisions. If you are interested in our work but feel you cannot join in due to access needs, please let us know so we can see how we might support you. These access provisions might include, but are not limited to: working with interpreters, paying for an access worker; discovering an alternative platform to work on that is more suitable to you; paying for headphones so you can work from home in noisy households; paying towards child care.

On our journey to create accessible theatre, we are aware we have a lot to learn.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any suggestions as to how we can be more accessible.

Is this paid?

Yes! ROOT is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. That means that all artists will be paid for their time.

Artists working with us on a 3 hour Zoom will be paid £60 for their time. 

Artists working with us on a 5 day R&D will be paid in line with the days they are called. For instance - if an actor is needed for 5 days, they will be paid for 5 days. If they are needed for 3, they will be paid for 3. This will be decided at the time of casting so all artists will know their fee prior to working with us. All day rates and weekly fees are based on ITC and Equity minimum rates.

All artists must be able to invoice and must take full responsibility for their own tax payments, pensions, and NIC contributions.

Find out more about the work Arts Council England do by visiting


How does the casting work?

Great question!

First, we will decide on our brilliant plays. Then, we will have conversations with all our writers to check in with any particular casting requirements they have in mind. After that, we'll look at all of your brilliant audition tapes and make decisions based on that. It is possible that our writers and scripts might require us to do further casting calls that are more specific, or we might contact you for more details if this seems necessary. Where possible, we aim to make all our decisions based on your tape and application form.

This casting process is a great opportunity for us to get to know more artists. We will be able to keep you mind for all future Hawkseed Theatre Co. opportunities. Thank you for your time and energy when applying.

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